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It's actually a much, much better option than I was expecting.

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The last two girlfriends I've had I met on this site, so I'll keep coming back until I've met The One.

I spent my late teens/ early twenties building a career for myself and forget in the process to build a relationship.

My work is still keeping me quite busy, so I've resorted to meeting people online.

I left a 14 year long relationship with someone who left me quite damaged.

After being cheated on, I didn't think I'd be ready to seriously date again for a long time, so I went online to find something casual.

That's when I found Social Hookups and changed my tune.After I started to talk to some of the women on there, I was instantly prepared to get back into the dating world again.I've been with the same woman I met on that site for four months now, she's amazing.We would have never met if we hadn't tried this at the same time.It's kismet almost, I haven't been this happy in a long time.I love keeping my options open but I rarely meet women in my line of work.

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