When did cassie and diddy start dating stepdaughter dating older man

He posted a photo of an enormous diamond ring, along with the caption "Baby do you like it? Gossip Cop also reports that a source close to the couple has confirmed that the pair are not engaged. " for all of his more than three million followers to see.Diddy, 44, and Cassie, 27, have been dating on and off since 2007.

Recently caught up with Cassie and she finally spoke up about her relationship with Puff, however, her statement may not be as satisfying as many would have hoped. Whatever people want to choose to believe or not believe is really up to them." She did add however, that her intentions when it comes to relationships, are just to have fun at the moment. Definitely a guy that has a great sense of humor and someone I can just have a good time with.

Country stars Thompson Square join us to share their new song ' You Make It Look So Good' and talk about having their first child together.

But first, we talk Justin going naked once again, this time on his Hawaiian vacation. Also: stuff we're crushing on: Kylie, The US Olympic Team, and the song from ' Stranger Things' by Echo and The Bunnymen ' Nocturnal!

Diddy took to social media in order to seemingly share what most would consider to be an intimate moment. Hollywood Life reached out to the rapper's rep and was told that Diddy and Cassie are not engaged, contrary to the rumors that have been circulating.

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'Jermaine and I met in high school when I first moved to America and we totally, like, used to look at each other,' the 39-year-old Iranian refugee revealed during an interview on Daily Mail.com's Facebook Live on Monday.

The 39-year-old Iranian refugee revealed to Mail Online on Monday: 'Jermaine and I met in high school when I first moved to America and we totally, like, used to look at each other.

Since Cassie signed to Diddy's label back in 2007, many rumors have sprung forward debating whether or not their relationship has taken steps past mentorship and business relations.

They have often been seen together at various locations outside of the music environment.

The two recently attended Paris Fashion Week together.

The fact that Cassie has been spotted with what looked like a huge engagement ring on her finger did not help to silence the rumors, if they are in fact just that - rumors.


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