Who are the veronicas dating

Gabi Grecko first made headlines in Australia when she announced to the world she was dating 70-something-year-old millionaire doctor Geoffrey Edelsten. Grecko has revealed she is dating former celebrity Big Brother bombshell Frenchy Morgan, announcing on Instagram that “She makes me happier than anyone else could.” **Nawww!The 26-year-old, who originally came from the US, had an extremely public and sordid relationship with the famous Aussie doctor before finally calling it quits last year. ** I just want to say all of you should follow @frenchymorgan this wonderful woman has been great it's fate that we now know each other.The Aussie twins have just released the cover for their newest song, In My Blood.

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It’s then He fell beneath the cross that forced Him to the ground, Which ripped His skin and tore His face; head pierced by thorny crown.

Blood mixing with the dirt and stones, they spit upon Him too, This cursed Man whom they reviled, as winds of hatred blew.

But quickly moving to His side she felt a sudden chill The world around her disappeared and time itself stood still.

There's some serious nipple on show in the photo and there's nothing but shimmering paint covering the gal's bods.

We're guessing they'll find it pretty hard to get rid of all that glitter.

Fans flocked to social media to gush over the risqué shoot."That's never coming off.

Glitter, the herpes of the art world," quipped one Twitter fan."That's the best single artwork you girls ever put out," suggested another.

A third tweet read: "Such an amazing cover and you both have the most amazing boobs (and I mean that in a non perverted way)." The praise kept coming: "Ladies, that is sexy as hell," said a Facebook fan."Australia's finest export," suggested another while another fan asked: "Can I be dipped in glitter too please?

Make it happen babes."If this is anything to go by, we're predicting a pretty racy video for the song.


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