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Erase and now is quite busy these days working on her next single.

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A lot of people have this notion of who I used to be as their current notion of who I still am and that isn't the person that I currently am. I used to say if someone doesn't like what I say they shouldn't read my website. I'm excited to just have fun and expect the unexpected. I don't have any fans, I have readers and I don't have a lot of likability. Those are my three words and I have been repeating them a lot.

I want to be working in another ten years and to do that you need fans.

I'm just smart and I know that if I want to have longevity, people need to become invested in me as a person. The people who like her really like her and they are invested in her.

Perez also created and presented a four-part ITV2 series, Perez Hilton Superfan, in 2011, and has guest starred as himself in various sitcoms, as well as co-hosting the 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards. I don't really see myself as a celebrity because that is a different kind of fame. I am probably not wanted in as many places as I am wanted. There has only ever been one American that has won and that happened last season.

Well I am officially a celebrity now or will be when I enter the Big Brother house. I celebrated many milestones, one of which was my ten year anniversary of blogging. So the chances of it happening two seasons consecutively are very slim.

I started in September 2004 and, while I have a lot of awareness, people know the name Perez Hilton, but people don't know who I really am. I definitely brought fun outfits that Perez would definitely wear but I wouldn't wear in my everyday a life, but this is work and fun.

So it was an exciting opportunity to show a whole bunch of people the real me. Hopefully, as time goes on, if I'm lucky enough to stay in the house, they'll discover the difference between the persona and the character and the person behind that.

Even though PC is juggling films on one side she still wanted to keep up to date with her music career as she felt it’s needed for her to discover herself beyond the point of her previous songs.

PC is already topping the charts with her first single and now pairing up with international sensation Pitbull, it’s sure to make the climb to the top easier Source The 2013 Billboard Music Awards will debut a new honor: the Milestone Award, presented by Chevrolet, which celebrates the ingenuity of this year’s hitmakers. Want to co-present the Milestone award alongside Cee Lo Green live at the Billboard Music Awards on May 19?


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