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As is the one where we imagined what would happen if the two lovers might have discovered a portal leading straight to the magical world of Harry Potter—albeit a slightly more erotic version.

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The two might have had a good time laughing together, which is really all either of them need in a relationship right now.

They might have also belonged to a secret society of real-life Jedi, where Dane Cook was a master who chose Miley to be his Padawan.

And during their training, the two Jedi may have been overcome with lust and secretly engaged in a taboo romance forbidden by the Jedi Council.

Now that we know the comedian and pop idol have never so much as made out, that story is completely out of the question.

Despite a recent article in Us Weekly claiming that Miley Cyrus and Dane Cook are casually dating, Gossip Cop reports that the entire story lacks even an ounce of truth.

As a result, we’ve been left with no other option than to submit every story we’ve written musing on Miley Cyrus and Dane Cook’s relationship to the largest internet database for fan fiction, Fan As it turns out, the duo is not—and never has been—a couple.Therefore, the story we wrote in which we wondered aloud what they could possibly have to talk about besides celebrity and a shared affinity for oversized fingers is, officially, pure fantasy.Anyway, it’s not like we’re upset that our work will only be read on Fan Fiction.net, which for years has been the internet’s most popular resource for completely fabricated tales about fictional characters and, occasionally, real celebrities who magazines just felt like saying were a couple. We’re just worried that our best gems will be overlooked due to the sheer volume of material that gets uploaded each day. Anyway, at the very least, the revelation that any relationship they might have is completely platonic has inspired us to imagine Dane Cook as Doctor Who and Cyrus as his faithful companion. Had there been any shred of truth to this report, maybe there would have been a bigger audience for our story imagining that Cook rescued Cyrus from a deranged vampire before vanishing mysteriously into the woods, leaving her to pine after him every night before learning his terrible secret.

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