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The mother of three of sons may no longer be on the series (or with her former husband Paul Nassif, whom she divorced in 2012 after 10 years of marriage), but that doesn't mean she's any less busy these days. Or, do you feel like there are still the same elements there from when you were on? It's been in different countries, so they have an amazing marketing power. And when others have tried it, they're having a good time; they're maybe mixing drinks — eventually for some surprising reason, they felt just fine the next morning. The Palms hosted one of Democratic debates in October. We've known Hillary for a long time and she's been a friend of ours for quite some time, so it was very exciting to be there. If the right reality TV project were to come your way would you ever consider a return back to television? It would have to be, maybe, more focused on your business? Absolutely and I've been approached to do several different projects. If it's the right project, and that's something I'm kind of working on now, then yes. This is a bond with these girls, and maybe [we're] a dysfunctional family but it is a family-- I say that all the time. So in that respect, they know what I've been through and I know what they've been through.

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I look forward to possibly having the first female president in [U. That I can be creative, that I can come up with an idea and then see it push [through]. With everything on your agenda these days, are you making time for yourself? [.] Yes, I'm dating a little bit but nothing serious.

You have so many different projects on your plate, what's the one thing that still really excites you when you sit down?

Adrianne decided to leave the show behind after announcing her divorce, and she skipped out on the reunion special.

Andy Cohen wasn’t happy about it and hinted that she was done with the franchise.

Well, not at this time, but stranger things have happened. Obviously you're a working mom, how are your children? It's in over 17,000 stores and over two million bottles sold; and it's growing rapidly. And, overall, she started taking it and it started helping to cure her lupus.

What's it been like since we last saw Christian, Gavin, and Colin? It's a process and a lot of my time with my children — they are my priority and it's learning how to manage your time. What advice then do you have for other parents who aren't together and who are also trying to find that balance and co-parent?

Scheduling is very important, but they always come first in my life. It's constantly changing and [we're] working on co-parenting and being better parents.

[I can] come up with a concept and then put it into place and let people take it. I'm really kind of focusing on my projects and excited about that.

But Maloof has been making some appearances on this season of , and things are changing with her ex-husband, Paul Nassif.


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