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Mark Dacascos is famously known as "The Chairman" on Food Network's "Iron Chef America." He is also a trained martial artist and an actor who plays the recurring role of Wo Fat in CBS's "Hawaii Five-0." Dacascos was one of the contestants in Season 9 of the ABC's ballroom competition series "Dancing with the Stars." He and his partner Lacey Schwimmer were eliminated in the 7th episode.

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After being discovered in San Francisco's Chinatown, Dacascos began to establish a film and television career playing not only martial artists but a wide arrangement of other characters before joining "Iron Chef America" in 2005.

Mark Dacascos has appeared in a wide variety of feature films during the course of his career.

Among his credits are the internationally acclaimed French epic "Brotherhood of the Wolf," "Cradle to the Grave" in which he stars opposite Jet Li, "Only the Strong," in which he plays a capoeira instructor, the global cult favorite Drive and the indie film, "Only the Brave," which explores the story of the Japanese-American Battalion who so valiantly fought in WWII.

He also stars in "The Lost Medallion" to be released in late 2009.

In addition to hitting the milestone, the hour ended with the shocking death of Wo Fat (Mark Dacascos), the character who's been the nemesis of Steve Mc Garrett (Alex O'Loughlin) dating back to the original series. He's got a bullet in his head and there's no coming back from that." Photos: The most shocking TV deaths Before getting shot by Mc Garrett, Wo Fat finally spilled the beans about his true connection to Mc Garrett's mother.

And make no mistake — Wo Fat is definitely, dead, assures executive producer Peter Lenkov. Turns out Doris felt so guilty over the death of Wo Fat's mother that she took him in as a baby and raised him for several years — until her superiors got wind of what she was doing and made her abandon him as a child.

"It's not one of those, I was wearing a Kevlar vest, or you didn't see me after the camera left. chatted with Lenkov about the decision to kill off Wo Fat, as well as where Mc Garrett will go from here.

Mark also stars in the period piece "Nomad," which was filmed in Kazakhstan over a two-year period. Age: 52 years old Birthday: February 26, 1964Height: 5' 9"Full Name / Real Name: Mark Alan Dacascos Birthplace: Honolulu, HIWife: Julie Condra (1/5/1998, 3 children) Mark Dacascos Dancing with the Stars, Season 9 Mark Dacascos Dancing with the Stars, Season 9 Mark Dacascos Iron Chef America Mark Dacascos Iron Chef America Mark Dacascos and Lacey Schwimmer Dancing with the Stars, Season 9 Mark Dacascos, aka The Chairman, and Alton Brown The Next Iron Chef Marc Forgione and Jose Garces in "Iron Chef America: Tournament of Champions" Kitchen Stadium Sizzles in First-Ever 'Iron Chef America: Tournament of Champions' — With five episodes and a panel of revolving judges, the tournament features high-stakes, bracket-style battles between the best of the best in the culinary world. Alex Guarnaschelli 'The Next Iron Chef: Redemption' Winner Is Alex Guarnaschelli — "Chef Guarnaschelli is an extraordinary talent — the newly-crowned Iron Chef is exceptionally passionate, creative and skilled," said Bob Tuschman. Duskie Estes in "The Next Iron Chef 3" Duskie Estes Joins 'The Next Iron Chef: Redemption' — The chef won the first-ever Food Network 'Road to Redemption' web tournament to claim the tenth contestant spot on the reality competition series, premiering Sunday, November 4.

Picked up by former Miramax president Harvey Weinstein on the opening day of the 2006 Cannes Film festival, the picture had a major event theatrical release that spring.

In addition, Mark stars in "The Lost Medallion" to be released in late 2009.

's 100th episode was a turning point for the show in more ways than one.

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