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Weza was born in Portugal, Lisbon, on the 8 of June 1984, she is the fifth of six children, has 5 brothers making her the only girl.She completed her primary school in Portugal, and then moved back to Angola to live with her family.

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She always did exceptionally well in school, never failed a single grade even though she arrived in South Africa without speaking a single word in English and without taking an English course before starting school.

During her years in Dominican Convent School she received a series of awards for academics and sports.

She represented her school in the sports of basketball and athletics and was member of the school choir.

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Weza Solange is a TV presenter and model from Luanda, Angola, best known for being a contestant on the sixth season of the reality competition Big Brother Africa, in 2011.

She celebrated her 27th birthday in the Big Brother Africa house and was the 12th housemate evicted on day 70.

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