Www dating to relating Sex chatmate in the philippines

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Www dating to relating

I began to notice that the only guys who ever left with these teases, or ended up dating them, were the guys who totally ignored them, who seemed like they could care less. But the question was: How do you communicate to some one you are ignoring?

Well the answer ended up in a technique similar to what “Mystery” uses these days.

I would simply walk over to one of theses hot teases, position myself right next to her (but not looking at her–sort of shoulder to shoulder–close enough that she could hear me but not close enough that she would take my position as showing any interest in her) and then I would wait for another hot girl to walk by or close.

As soon as one did, I would shake my head as if to myself, and mutter some comment such as “Is she hot or what?

” or “Wow.” No matter what I said it was always a comment on how hot the girl who walked by was.

I would always end the comment by looking at the tease, as if she were just some stranger, who I was randomly expressing my delight in “the girl who just walked by” to.

WITHOUT FAIL, the tease would very shortly always then tell me in one way or another that guys do to her what I just did to this other girl ALL the time.

As I told you in my last article “Would You Like To Know How To Pick Up Women In Bars And Clubs?

” when I was a young , I worked the bar scene every day for six months straight. This eventually led to my being very successful picking up women in clubs.

One observation I made over the course of time were the beautiful women, who purposely teased men. They flirted with you, but when you went over to hit on them, they would eventually go cold, after a while they would totally ignore you.

This tease left you totally confused, after all, how many women flirt with you, hit up on you? Well, these girls always had a cadre of frustrated men following them wherever they went, kissing their butts and confused. I realized that you had to ignore a tease, get her to hit on you and keep her hitting on you all the way into bed by continuing to ignore her.


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