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The Johnson Chair Company (Of Chicago IL)- Andrew P. but did business as Johnson Chair Co.1893: Listed as an official supplier for the rail road (according to Poor's Dictionary) for office stools.1889-91: Was a representative of the 14th ward for the City Council of Chicago- Offices at 255 N. Robey Street, Chicago, IL1899: Made chairs for the US House and Senate1904: Furniture line was shown at The Furniture Exhibition Company at 1411 Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL1905: Uses black laborers at his various factories1909: Opened new furniture plant in Morristown, Tennessee with the ability to produce about 300 chairs/day1918: Showed at the National Furniture Exchange of Chicago in July of that year.1939: Copyrights phrase "Selling helps for those who sell Johnson chairs."- Johnson Chair Co.

Johnson was born in Vos Bergenstift, Norway November 22, 1835- Born to John L. (Vinge) Jearager1850: The family changed their name when they moved to America and settled in Boone Co, Illinois- Andrew P. at one time "advertised 1,000 patterns of office and dining chairs in more than 400 styles".1975: This is the last date I could find on the company.

Johnson grew up on a farm and went to school till the age of 20.1871: Married Martha Satry- Had five children: Joseph F., Anna E., Arthur L., Benjamin O., and Ruth Isabel1855: Moved to Beloit, Wisconsin and learned carpentry trade1857-1861: Listed as a contractor in Beloit, Wisconsin1861: Moved to Chicago, Illinois1862: Enlisted in the Army, in the construction corps, and served until the end of the war.- Worked in the army at Nashville, Chattanooga, and Bridgeport among others.1865: Back in Chicago working as a contractor and carpenter1868: began manufacturing chairs on a small scale1877: took on business partner Nels.

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The functions of the rubber milk in the economy of the plant are not well understood or agreed upon by botanists, but there are numerous reasons for holding that in Castilla and many other plants it aids in resisting drought.

S-3 OPERATED BY MECHAKICAL POWER in one needle bar and is provided with two shuttles. Differences in the yield of rubber are not due merely to the existence of different species and varieties of Castilla, but are also controlled by external conditions.

Four varieties are made for making two parallel rows of stitching at once ; each carries two needles These machines are shown in practical operation at — SIHGER MACHDYE Ho. The presence of wild Castilla trees is not a sufficient evidence that a locality is suited to commercial rubber culture.

The Shuttle is of the oscillating-cylinder type provided with very large bobbin, having great capacity for coarse thread. [The spelling Costilla, instead of Castilloa, has been adopted at Washington, on ac- count of its being the original form.] In southern Mexico and Central America the regions well adapted to the culture of Castilla are much more limited than has been supposed.

THE ALDEN RUBBER CO., Bfl RBERTOfl RUBBER WORKS, t t HANUFACTURERS OF The MASTER KEY Rubber Tiling. Two forms of guide are made and the machines may be fitted with either as de- sired ; one form is arranged to slide on a round rod, the other is operated by means of a screw, as illustrated above. But the incident should serve as a warning to honest men generally to be more careful about lending their names to the promotion of stock selling schemes. Under favorable natural conditions the culture of Caslilja elastica bids fair to become very profitable, but the experi- mental determination of the factors which influence the pro- duction of rubber has scarcely begun.

The ideal floor for Offices, Banks, Vesti- bules, Elevators and especially for places where electrical cur- rents abound. The machines will stitch to the centre of a belt 38 inches in width. We have assumed that not all of the persons advertised as officials of this company have been aware of how the public was being deceived in their name, and now that the advertising has ceased, we may say that in exposing the swindle this Journal October i, 1903.] THE INDIA RUBBER WORLD has not intended any attack upon any individual who may have been connected with the business. COOK.* THE culture of the Central American rubber tree has passed the experimental stage in the sense that the prac- ticability of the agricultural production of rubber has been demonstrated, but on the other hand it has been ascertained that the tree may thrive where it will yield little or no rubber. BICYCLE, AUTOMOBILE AND VEHICLE TIRES, HOSE, PACKING, VALVES. needle to base of arm is nineteen _u',;;',;;',',:',',',,;',:^| :i'... : ~^^mat Jffpss^^^^^^^S^im SSm Bk^^BBt L if inches. The most palpably dishonest advertising we remem- ber to have seen has been carried on for several months past, on a vast scale, purporting to solicit subscriptions to the capital stock of a company formed to trade in rubber in Vene- zuela. The BEST BUCKLES for ARCTICS „ ARE HADE BY THE WELD MFO. The planting of Castilla under shade or in partially cleared forests is to be advised only on account of special conditions or as a means of saving labor and expense. It is confined to forest regions only by the perishability of its seeds. In its wild state Castilla does not flourish in the denser for- ests, but requires more open situations. A continuously humid climate is not necessary to the growth and productiveness of Castilla ; the indications are rather that the quantity of milk and the percentage of rubber are both in- creased by an alternation of wet and dry seasons.

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